Luke Duggin, stylist at Headmasters Raynes Park, had the opportunity of teaming up with luxury womenswear designer, Skeena, to style her AW14 Campaign – The Skeena S Collection. Skeena launched her latest fashion collection late September and knew Luke would help accentuate her designs. Recently featured in the November 2014 issue of InStyle magazine, the inspiration behind her AW14 shoot was ‘Wonderland’ with the aim to create a demure classic look focused on print and design. Each design has been creatively designed to “make women feel beautiful and elegant”, which was no challenge for Luke. Knowing exactly how to achieve this, Luke created a very trendy, slick ‘post work-out’ look, which is displayed across her recent campaign including the product shots on the e-commerce website.


Luke explains how to get the look:

“I used L’Oréal products, (Pli, Fix Move) along with Kerastase styling products (Gloss Appeal and Forme Fatal).”

  • I first tonged the hair using a large barrel tong in sections, mirroring her bone structure.
  • Once it was set, I unclipped the barrel curls and brushed them out into one form.
  • I then worked L’Oreal fix move into the roots to give a high shine detail effect.


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