Bang on Beards

The resurgence of the beard is no new thing, we as a nation fall in and out of love with The Beard it seems every other decade but right now we are definitely in love!  Even Somerset House are paying homage with Beard presenting a series of portraits by photographer Mr Elbank.

Since 2013 with the peak beard we have seen it adorning the face of every man in the know; from celebrities and models to sporting and rock stars, cementing facial hair as a must have for 2015.


Our Artistic Ambassador (and beard fanatic) Jonathan Soons talks us through the 5 golden rules to care for your beard…

“According to the US psychologist Robert Pellegrini, “inside every clean-shaven man there is a beard screaming to be let out”.    So whether you are already a firm beard devotee (like me) wearing it long and proud or after a more subtle approach a la Mr Beckham there are some simple rules to keeping  it groomed and heathy…

Five Golden Rules:

  • Having a beard is a commitment, a beard brush or comb will help keep the shape of the beard and helps it to grow in the same direction, Tom Ford Beard Comb is a must!
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate! It’s hair so make sure it’s clean + it will keep skin clear underneath your beard.
  • If your Tache is going in your tea it needs a trim! So make sure you regularly visit your salon to see your men’s specialist.
  • Always add a little beard elixir  it will keep your bristles soft and conditioned and helps prevent in-grown hairs, I recommend  Mr Natty Beard Elixir.
  • A beard can help change the shape of your face, if it’s a bit round go for a square shaped beard it will give the illusion of a stronger jaw.  A bit unsure? Ask your men’s specialist to help you decide the shape your beard should be.

See below for more inspiration:

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