Brilliantly Braided

Now that summer is finally here, it’s the perfect time to switch up your everyday hairstyle routine. While the urge to throw up your locks into the same old ponytail is very tempting, it’s time to take a stand. Resist the regular. Embrace the braid. Reinvent your everyday hairstyles this summer, whilst still keeping your hair out of your face. Here is some gorgeous braid inspiration from Headmasters Art Team Ambassador, Gareth Williams.

The Chain Braid

Chain braid

This beautiful chain oozes simplistic glamour, perfect for all those important meetings during the hot summer months. This look, seen at Donna Karan’s S/S 15 show, is all about the healthy shine exposed by the plait. Here’s how to get the look:

1. On freshly washed hair, apply Kérastase Nectar Thermique. This cream is perfect for adding condition and re-awakening the hair’s fibre.

2. Next blast the hair until it is 80% dry, and then grab your paddle brush (GHD make a fab one!). Use this to smooth and add a sleek texture to the hair.

3. Apply a parting into the hair. Placing a parting in the centre will lend the look to a more youthful feel, whereas a deep side parting will instantly give this look evening appeal! Once placed, pull the hair into a pony tail at the nape, ensuring it is really tight!

4. Now divide your ponytail into two and tie a knot. Keep doing this until you reach the shoulder blades and then fasten the braid with a clear elastic band. Drench the hair with Kérastase Gloss Appeal to give the style shine!

The Centre Braid


Why not give your normal look a fun accent this summer? This easy centre braid gives the hair an added detail, whilst updating your normal look.

1. Apply L’Oreal Techni Art Constructor onto dry hair. Brush through and grab a pair of tongs!

2. In large random sections, simply wrap the hair around the tong, ensuring the hair is directed away from the face. This opens up the face. For maximum sex appeal, start your tong in line with key facial features, such as eyes, lips, cheekbones or jaw. Now softly brush the tong out, this will give you a relaxed bend.

3. Time for the braid. Spritz Kérastase Spray A Porter onto the hair to give you some grip. Take a section 1cm-1.5cm wide. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look too neat, having a slightly messier section will give the look a cooler feel.

4. Now do a French braid starting at the crown. Remember to add in hair from your section as you work towards the hairline. When you’ve finished your plait, tuck the hair behind your ear and secure with a kirby grip. This will ensure the plait is going nowhere!

Plaited Bun

Naeem Khan - Front Row & Backstage - Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

This is an easy look to pull off, yet it is grown up and it doesn’t make you look like a bridesmaid.

1. To achieve this look, apply Kérastase Elixir oil on clean hair. It’s full of goodness such as camomile, so it really soothes the hair to reveal health; the perfect respite from the summer sun!

2. Dry the oil into your hair using a low setting on your hairdryer. Pay extra attention to really smoothing out the hair around the hairline. Gather the hair into a centre ponytail, ensuring it’s perfectly neat. This adds an expensive, couture feel!

3. Now do a standard three stem braid, then fasten the braid with a clear elastic band when you are two thirds of the way down your hair’s length.

4. Loosen the plait by pulling it out slightly. This creates more detail and makes the hair look thicker!

5. Wrap the plait at the base of the pony tail, ensuring it doesn’t go too wide or hang too far away from the head, and secure into place with some kirby grips. “It needs to look minimal, that’s why it’s sassy.”

Gypsy braid

Mara Hoffman - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

This gypsy braid is so effortless, but is the epitome of cool!

1. To get this look, firstly prep the hair with Kérastase Spray A Porter. Spritz the product throughout damp hair and blast dry. This will give you a malleable, gritty texture, which will help you work the braid.

2. Divide the hair into three. Start with a standard braid to give you a strong foundation, and then alternate between twists, fishtail braids and French braids. Fasten the style using a clear elastic band.

3. Now pop the braid in between both hands, and rub together. This will allow the hair to fuse and give you the effortless fly-away pieces. Be random and have fun with this look!