Remember the quiz in the back of your old teen mag to find your perfect colour palette? You may even have had a colour consultation with a colour analyst – both seem a little passé now. However, HEADMASTERS have taken this colour theory, developed it and made it relevant for a new generation, creating the Colour Theory Consultation.

10 minutes in the chair with your HEADMASTERS Expert Colourist will visually determine your perfect salon colour.

Often the difference in whether a colour works on you really isn’t if it is blonde, brunette or red – it’s the difference between the underlying tones. Sometimes the revelation can be quite a surprise but often the tiniest tonal tweak can make a huge difference to how a colour works with your skin tone and eyes.

Using a specially developed colour wheel, cape and some well-collated mood boards, your perfect colour is now within easy reach.

Book into your nearest HEADMASTERS salon today.

The Colour Theory Consultation is free with every colour appointment.