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Festival Hair


Having picture perfect hair at a festival can seem unrealistic but in reality it’s much easier than you think. Your festival armoury should be built around ease, size and weight but still tailor to your needs; cue chic braids, hair ties and products that have more than one use!

HM Hair Insiders tips to easy festival hair:

Tip 1 = book in for a blow-dry before you go, it will last much longer plus its one less thing to think about. Or why not book in for a quick 15 minute Braids and Waves sesh – simply pick a look from the menu and you’ll be festival ready in no time. Read more.

Tip 2 = if you don’t have time for pre-festival hair prep, most festivals have hair bars where you can book a slot and get your hair quaffed to perfection in less than 20 mins, very important for Insta fans!

Tip 3 = washing your hair will be near impossible so invest in a sturdy dry shampoo like @lorealpro Tecni.Art Morning After Dust. It will soak up any excess oil plus extend the life of your blow-dry.

Tip 4 = whether it rains or shines hair can take a major battering at festivals, so hats and hair ties are ALWAYS a must!

Tip 5 = a must have festival product is the new @kerastase_official Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum. A beauty sleep serum for hair, it will restore and repair dry hair overnight. Simply apply a few pumps before bed and wake up in the morning with soft, tangle-free hair with a satin sheen!

Braids and Waves in collaboration with @whatlydialikes and @ghd

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