Meet Edd


Educator, Artistic Team Member, Team Designer at Headmasters Soho

Tell us about your headmasters journey?

I started my Headmasters career over 10 years ago at the Brighton salon when I joined in 2010 where I worked for 3 years. I left the salon and moved to London and three years ago I re-joined Headmasters at the Great Portland Street Salon. Since re-joining I have joined the Artistic Team and have been lucky enough to have lots of creative opportunities including entering industry awards and most recently getting accepted on the Fellowship’s Project X team for 2022

What would you say to someone who was considering a career with Headmasters?

This place is truly empowering with the best education you could possibly get and that’s why I am excited about my future with headmasters!

What does Headmasters mean to you?

Headmasters means to me opportunities, great hairdressing, teamwork and much more…

Educator, Artistic Team Member, Team Designer at Headmasters Soho. Edd started his Headmasters journey at the Brighton salon where he worked for 2 ½ years. He left the group for a while and moved to London, returning to the group 3 years ago. Edd loves everything creative and is currently a member of the Headmasters Artistic Team, an Educator at the Headmasters London Academy and currently on the Fellowship Project X team.

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