Meet Jade


Manager and Master Hair Designer at Headmasters in Wokingham

What did make you decide to join Headmasters?

I believe that my client’s hair is a big part of how they feel, and this is what made me decide to join Headmasters family. I know that this is the best place where I can grow and at the same time give our loyal client with beautiful, fashionable confidence-boosting hair.

I wanted to work in a busy and vibrant salon, in a place I could learn, progress and grow. And this is Headmasters!

What do you enjoy the most of being part of Headmasters family?

The thing I love is that I can be myself and you are not just a number even though it is a big company!

Manager and Master Hair Designer at Headmasters in Wokingham. Jade joined Headmasters 2 ½ years ago as a recently qualified stylist. She recently passed her Management course and is one of the group’s youngest managers.  She credits Headmasters for giving her a great work ethic, a focus on her career and the support to progress her career.

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