meet a member of the team

This month we meet Gareth Williams, Headmasters Art Team Ambassador.


What do you love about your hairdressing job?

The variation of my day to day, knowing I can be creating beautiful hair in the heart of London, or educating across the world.

Why Headmasters?

I wanted to work for a big salon group because of the opportunities it gives. I preferred the imagery Headmasters produced, I was struck by the Manhattan Blow-Dry image, it embodied beautiful hair.

Where will you be in 5 years?

I want to be loving what I do as much as I am now. I work hard and I believe I’ll be doing high profile clients in an environment that I love.

An average day for you?

There isn’t one, a week will usually include foreign travel, educating amazing hairdressers, working on new courses and creating new looks with the Art Team at shows, shoots or at our academy.

Who inspires you in hairdressing?

Oliver Blackaby at Headmasters. He is so organised, well prepared and informed! He works so hard and never looks tired! Zoe Irwin for her passion for hair and ability to tell a story. I’d love to be in her brain just to know her thought processes! Tim Hartley for his ability to work a crowd, make them laugh and not take himself too seriously.

Who do you love to follow on twitter?

Vogue, Adam Reed, Look Magazine and of course HeadmastersUK!

Most memorable event you have been to with Headmasters?

The Creative Head awards! Seeing all my hair idols in one room was crazy.

Most memorable show?

Irwin and Jordan in London at Fashion Week, it was the first show I did at London fashion week (with Headmasters). It was set in a gorgeous old building, but the electricity kept going out as there were so many hairdryers on the go. The buzz was incredible. I never imagined my hairdressing job would become so amazing.