Headmasters Receives Rave Reviews from A Girl and a Beauty Blog


“Warning – broken record alert. I know I’ve mentioned it on multiple occasions but I really don’t think there is a better salon then Headmasters. From their blow dry menu, VIP club and 50% of colour sales, there is something to suit everyone. In the past I’ve been to the Richmond, East Sheen and Mayfair branches and what I love is that each salon has their own individual feel whilst still retaining the style of Headmasters. All the stylists are highly trained and friendly (bar a few dodgy people that I avoid!) and every visit leaves me beaming from ear to ear. Last week I popped back to the Mayfair salon to get my lion’s mane tamed, considering my last trip was back at the start of May things were starting to get a bit desperate! I booked in with hair guru Ollie who made sure my locks were given the TLC they needed.

Usually I prepare for a salon trip with pictures and research so I can tell the stylist what I am looking for, this trip however was a bit different as all I said was ‘fix my roots and overall colour and please cut off anything that’s dead’ look at me getting all trusting! Luckily I had nothing to worry about as Ollie has the ability to give you a colour and style that suits you skintone and face. He used a new colour formula that Headmasters stock that contains no ammonia. This not only removes that dreaded dye smell, it is also more conditioning for your locks. Once the colour was done Ollie then cut away all my split ends and started with something called the Anti-Blow Dry.

The Anti-Blow Dry is perfect for someone with naturally straight and fine hair like myself or for those looking for that oh so desirable sexy beach waved look. Ollie started by roughly blow drying through my hair (no brush in hand) and then sprayed in the L’Oreal Professional Volume Constructor which gives texture and heat protection. This method prevents you getting that super volumised root lift that I hate from standard blow dry’s. Ollie then used a wide barrel tong with no clip to roughly curl my hair which instantly gave me beachy waves. The final look was utter perfection, a style I have always tried to achieve was there on my head! From the colour to the cut I am over the moon and can run around in the sun a beachy blonde haired girl.”

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