Christmas Blow-Dry


Headmasters relaunches Manhattan blow-dry for Christmas.

The famous and loved Manhattan blow-dry is making a return this party season, as the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Headmasters have upgraded the Manhattan blow-dry technique by using a pin curl method to add the ultimate glamour to your blow-dry.

There has been a huge focus on healthy hair post lockdown, many clients have had the opportunity to focus on the condition of their hair and grow their hair to a healthy length.  

The beautiful thing about this technique is that it really respects the health of the hair, creating a bouncy, shiny and glamorous look that will last all night” says Headmasters Creative Director and Celebrity stylist Andrew Barton.

Clare Hansford, Headmasters Creative Ambassador explains how you can try this at home.

1. Prepping the hair is vital after double cleansing with shampoo and conditioner using an in-salon treatment such as Kerastase K water (£10), provides an instant glossy finish.

2. Using a microfibre towel, dry hair to reduce frizz, apply product such as a Techni Art Pli (£16.50) through the roots and end. This step creates the foundation for your blow dry.

3. Section and create your parting, with a hairdryer and a round brush, blow-dry the hair in a rolling motion, gliding from roots to ends to provide tension and create smoothness.

4. Carefully use your finger and roll the curl and pin with a metal clip, be gentle not to dent the hair with the clip and allow time (between 5-10 minutes) for the curls to cool and set.

5. Lightly spray a hairspray like Tecni Art Anti-frizz spray (£13.50) all over your hair which will set your curls and protect against humidity.

6. Once cooled and sprayed, carefully remove each pin curl clip and use a wide tooth comb or a Manta brush (£25) to create beautiful glamourous curls.

7. To add extra volume turn your head upside down and carefully shake your head to create larger volume at the root.

8. Make the most of your Manhattan blow-dry by sleeping with a silk pillowcase or bonnet to protect your blow dry to make it last longer.

Pin curl blow-dry priced from £35

Imagery by Headmasters.

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