What is a Bond Repair Treatment and Why Do I Need One?

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Revolutionise Your Haircare Routine with Bond Repair Treatments: A Must-Have for Healthy, Vibrant Hair

In an era of ever advancing haircare technology, maintaining healthy and vibrant hair has become the epicentre of hair care regimes. Let’s break down the latest trend hitting the backwash: Bond Repair Treatments. Headmasters is here to explain this revolutionary treatment and its necessity for anyone who colours or bleaches their hair.

Sian Couldridge, Headmasters’ Creative Ambassador, Colour Lead, and Art Team & Academy Manager, emphasises the significance of these treatments, stating, “More research is delving into the hair to repair it on a molecular level, effectively treating it from the inside out.” With a focus on maintaining hair health throughout the colouring process, Bond Repair Treatments act as an insurance policy for your hair, preventing damage caused by these colouring and bleaching processes.

Gone are the days of subjecting your hair to colour treatments that leave it sensitised and in need of rescue. Sian highlights the shift towards proactive haircare, stating, “The Bonding treatments we have now in salon do an unbelievable job of maintaining the strength of the hair from within, it means we can lighten and colour hair with confidence, without compromising the condition”.

Sian emphasizes that while these treatments are revolutionary for preventing damage, for highly compromised hair that is already at snapping point, these treatments may not have the desired results. However, they are highly effective as preventative measures. Sian personally advocates for incorporating Bond Repair Treatments into every colour or bleach service, leveraging the technology and science behind them to safeguard hair health.

Sian Couldridge – Headmasters’ Creative Ambassador, Colour Lead, and Art Team & Academy Manager

Sian’s top recommendations for Bond Repair In-Salon Treatments:

Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Bond Repair in-salon treatment

#1 Redken ABC in-salon treatment: Acidic Bonding Concentrate, the customisable in-salon treatment from Redken. This treatment provides the ultimate hair repair, intense conditioning and colour fade protection for all hair types and textures. Your Headmasters Stylist will assess your hair needs and create a personalised ratio of Moisture Concentrate and Protein Concentrate for the maximum strength, nourishment, and shine.

#2 Olaplex in-salon treatment: A pioneer in the field of bond repair, Olaplex’s patented formula rebuilds broken bonds in the hair, claiming the most intense bond-building treatments available. When administered by a salon professional, the concentrated formulas help penetrate the hair deeper, which means more repair for your hair. Salon treatments do not replace your at-home routine; they elevate them, making your hair healthier and stronger than before at a salon-strength level.

Olaplex N°1 and N°2 Bond Repair in-salon treatment

Kérastase Première Bond Repair in-salon treatment

#3 NEW Kérastase Première in-salon treatment: an innovative dual-action formula enriched with Citric Acid and Glycine. This transformative treatment not only recreates up to 99% of your hair’s original strength but also focuses on calcium buildup, a common cause of breakage, while repairing broken keratin links.

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